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I stream pretty much daily, with Magic: the Gathering, Party Games, and Movie content.

Daily, I stream my journey budget decking through MtG Arena. I'm trying to make mythic every season while spending no money. On most days I stream for a couple of hours after I finish working.

On Wednesdays, join me and a panel of players at 10 pm Eastern as we play party games and just generally have a blast. Want to hang out? Join us. Want to play some games? Join us. Want to see how party games work, so you can play them with YOUR friends? Join us.

On Sundays, it's Terrible Movies with Wonderful People at 8 pm Eastern. This series takes a look at the movies that for one reason or another missed the mark. This could be because they were ahead of their time, mis-marketed, released at a bad time, or just not very good. They're still enjoyable in their own right (mostly) and worth viewing to gauge their impact on pop culture. I'm joined by a small panel of wonderful people, we watch the movie, then talk about it. It's really fun!

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