Favorite Sites

Places I like to hang out on the internet

Hubble Telescope Birthday Image - See one of the images that Hubble Telescope saw on this day in its 30 year past. Part of the Hubble30 celebration.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day - Some of the best astronomy pictures anywhere, curated by the absolute legends at NASA

NASA Image of the Day - Pictures that show the great work NASA is doing. Seriously, I'm a huge fan of both NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Space exploration, cutting edge science, beautify images of the universe. It's so inspiring!

Project Euler - Programming problems intersect math problems! It's fun, I swear! I use it to sharpen my algorithm programming, and my optimization skills. After you solve a problem, there are discussion boards for how to solve it faster and better. New problems come out regularly, and there is an archive of problems from their initial launch.

Jackbox Games - The party game people. Jackbox has a host of games that you can play online or in person, so there's something for everyone, any way you want to play. Check them out! Better yet, come play them with me on Mondays and Wednesday at 10 pm Eastern.

IMDb: Collaborations Search - When you just can't come up with who "that guy, that starred with those other two guys, in those movies" is! You can search for actors common to two works, or works common to two actors. VERY useful.

Reddit - Dad Jokes - Who doesn't love a good joke? I mean, these are definitely not it, but still. Bad puns, really bad puns, and even worse puns. And I love every single one of them.

Twitch - The live streaming platform. Find a variety of gamers, personality streamers, trivia, singers, artists, and more. Whatever kind of geekery you are into, you'll find it on Twitch.